Vacuum Oil Filter

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Vacuum Oil Filter Machine Features 1. Vacuum pump, strong suction, sufficient power, low noise. 2. Filter bucket, large capacity, fast filtration speed. 3. Copper core motor, smooth operation and long service life. 4. Air intake valve, easy to operate and convenient for pressure relief.


Vacuum Oil Filter Machine

Model:  BL-100

Capacity:  150-200kg/h

Power:  1.1Kw

Voltage:  380V

Size: 1200*600*1000(mm)

Weight: 150kg

The vacuum oil filter can efficiently remove various impurities from the pressed crude oil to obtain clean and pure edible oil.

Ⅰ. Working principle of vacuum oil filter.

Vacuum oil filter is suitable for small oil processing plants producing cold pressing and hot pressing processes. It is suitable for processing and filtering more than 30 kinds of oils such as rapeseed oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, and tea seed oil. The filtered oil has the effect of no foaming, less oil smoke, and no sediment. The vacuum oil filter uses positive air pressure to filter oil, allowing the crude oil to pass through multiple layers of high-density filter cloth for fine filtration, thereby achieving separation of oil and residue from the crude oil and making the filtered oil clearer. After fine filtration, a large amount of residual oil in the oil residue can be filtered out. The filtered oil residue is in the shape of a dry cake. The residual oil rate of the oil cake is extremely low, thereby increasing the oil yield. The weight of the whole machine is about 150 kg. The stand-alone machine is cost-effective, simple to operate, economical and practical, and has good clarification effect. The filtered oil does not need to be hydrated. This model is available in single-cylinder and double-cylinder versions.

Ⅱ. Vacuum oil filter operation and filtration steps.

1. When starting the oil filter, check the rotation direction of the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump must run in the direction of the arrow on the pump, otherwise the pump will not work and the vacuum pump will be damaged.

2. Close all unused valves, and open the exhaust valve of which filter bucket is used.

3. Start the vacuum pump. If you use the right oil filter barrel to filter oil, open the exhaust valve. When the oil level in the barrel reaches the observation hole, close the exhaust valve, open the air inlet valve, then open the oil drain valve and release the right oil filter. Absolute oil in barrel. Similarly, when using the left oil filter barrel, first close the exhaust valve, then open the exhaust valve. When the oil level in the left oil filter barrel reaches the observation hole, close the exhaust valve, open the air inlet valve, and then open the oil drain valve. , release the pure oil. (If two filter barrels need to be used at the same time, the exhaust valves of both barrels can be opened at the same time, and which one is closed after use).

4. After using the vacuum oil filter for a period of time (usually 2-3 days, depending on the specific situation), there will be a certain amount of residual oil in the oil storage tank, and the residual oil must be drained out before it can work normally.

5. The left and right oil filter barrels can be used in sequence or at the same time.

6. The vacuum pump can work continuously, but you should always observe the pressure on the pressure gauge. If you find that the pointer on the pressure gauge points to 0.095, you should stop the vacuum pump immediately. This means that the filter cloth has been blocked and the filtration is not smooth. The filter cloth should be replaced. before continuing to work, otherwise, unsafe accidents such as damage to the filter barrel may occur.


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