Stainless Steel Oil Filter Machine

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1. The stainless steel oil filter machine motor power is 0.37kw, filter pressure is 0.3Mpa, filter area is 0.078㎡. 2. Each oil filter machine equipped with an oil pump, motor, filter cloth, and air pressure gauge. 3. Automated filtration system, simple to operate, compact in structure, light in weight and small in floor space 4.…


Stainless Steel Plate And Frame Oil Filter Machine

Model: 6BL-100

Number of layers:  10

Filter Area(㎡):  0.078

Filter membrane pore size(um):  0.1-10

Filter Pressure(Mpa):  0.3

Water Flow(T/h): 0.8

Power:  0.37Kw

Size:  600*300*600(mm)

Ⅰ. Plate And Frame Oil Filter Machine Introduction

1. The description of the stainless steel oil filter machine.

This machine is 304/316 stainless steel oil filter machine. For the concentration of less than 50% viscosity,liquid with a little containing slag,As a enclosed filter to achieve purification, sterilization, clarification and other fine filter. The machine with huge filter area and flow, wide application range, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, video and other industries have a wide range of uses, the application of drug injection in the pharmaceutical plant filtration, the effect is better.

2. The working principle of stainless steel plate and frame oil filter.

Inlet pump press the filter material in the filter room,under the pressure,the material go through the filter layer and membrane,the liquid outlet,the solid formed filter cake in the filter room,finish separating solid and liquid.It is easy to operate,but good filter effect.

The press filter can be equipped with different filter material according to customer needs. Polypropylene filter membrane, enhanced filter membrane, filter paper, filter cloth, special decarburization filter membrane ,the filter precision can be 0.1um-30um.

Ⅱ. Plate And Frame Oil Filter Machine advantages

1. The structure design is reasonable and simple, the operation is simple, the disassembly device and the cleaning are convenient.

2. Made of stainless steel, it has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good filtration quality and stable performance.

3. The pressure-tight filter device is adopted, which has good filtering effect, low loss, no leakage, safety and no peculiar smell.

4. The convex point filter plate is adopted, the filter area is large and the production efficiency is high, and the filter cloth is not easily damaged, which prolongs the service life of the plate and frame fine filter.


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