Small Oil Press Machine

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1. Capacity:  10-20kg/h. This small home use oil press machine can work continuously, so the output in a day is not low, and it can basically meet your sales needs. 2. Power:  3Kw.  This small oil press machine can also customize the motor according to customer’s needs. 3. Voltage:  220V. It support household electricity, you…


Small Home Use Oil Press Machine

Model:  SG30-1

Capacity:  10-20KG/H

Power:  3KW

Voltage:  220V

Weight:  120KG

Size:  700*700*900(mm)

Ⅰ. Small Home Use Oil Press Machine Introduction

1. Small Home Use Oil Press Machine Description

The small home use oil press is a more convenient and efficient oil extraction equipment, especially suitable for home use. People can press edible oil at home and extract natural, healthy oil from various oil crops, making the process of refining edible oil simple and safe. Moreover, this kind of oil press has a built-in vacuum filter cartridge, which can quickly filter out the pressed oil and discharge the residue and moisture out of the machine.

2. Small Home Use Oil Press Machine Working Principle

The working principle of the small household oil press is based on the traditional pressing technology. The oil is pushed into the pressing chamber through the rotating pressing screw. Extrude inside. During this process, as the threads of the pressing screw gradually become thicker, the pressure generated gradually increases, and more and more oil is squeezed out of the pressing chamber.

Ⅱ. Small Home Use Oil Press Machine advantages

1. It adopts vacuum pressing technology, which can better preserve the nutrients of the oil and improve the quality of the oil.

2. The built-in filter cartridge can effectively filter residue and water, making the extracted oil more pure and healthy.

3. This oil press machine also has the advantages of small size, easy operation, low noise, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Ⅲ. When using a small household oil press with a vacuum cartridge, you need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Select the appropriate raw materials. The small household oil press can effectively press different oil crops such as peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed, and sesame.

2. Pay attention to operational safety and avoid over-squeezing or clogging of the pressing chamber.

3. The pressed oil should be used as soon as possible or stored properly to avoid oxidation and deterioration.


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