SG 30-2 Home Oil Press Machine

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1. Capacity:  7-12kg/h. This small oil press machine can work continuously, so the output in a day is not low, and it can basically meet your sales needs. 2. Power:  The  oil press have heating system, so the heater power is 850W, the motor power is 550W. 3. Voltage:  220V. It support household electricity, you…



Model SG 30-2
Capacity 7-12kg/h
Voltage 220V
Motor Power 550W
Heater Power 850W
Press Shaft Diameter 30mm
Size 420*200*550(mm)
Weight 30KG


Ⅰ. Small Oil Press Machine Introduction

1. The Description of Small Oil Press Machine

Commercially available sesame home oil press machine. This machine is available in 220V version. The whole machine is made of stainless steel material, and especially the stainless steel press shaft. Therefore, it is guaranteed in terms of durability, structure, oil yield and output! It has louver hole in the back of the machine, it can help heat dissipation when working, increase the strength of stainless steel, reduce the resonance generated by work. Although the machine is small, everything is complete!

2. Small Oil Press Machine Working Principle

The principle of the small oil press machine is that when the oil press is running, the processed oil seeds enters the press chamber from the hopper, and the oil pressing screw rotates to continuously push the material into the pressing cavity, and squeeze the blank between the screw. The oil in the oil seeds is squeezed out and flows out from the circular trough.

Ⅱ. The Features About Small Oil Press Machine

1. Stainless steel cabin

The appearance of food grade 304 stainless steel, safe and healthy does not rust.The press shaft use special steel, durable. And the machine easy to dismantle.

2. Oil regulation

Pull collar to adjust the size of oil joint: Press peanuts and other large materials to regulate to large oil passages; Press sesame seeds and other small materials to adjust to small oil passages

3. Adjust the cake outlet

It can adjust the gap between cake outlets at anytime. Adjustable with daily wear and tear Cake gap to ensure longevity and increase yield.

4. Automatic temperature control

Adopt industrial temperature controller, automatic control, small temperature difference, constant temperature, and appropriate temperature adjustment according to different oils.

5. Ease to clean and remove

Simple structure, easy to wash, Easy to dismantle the squeezing press. The rear cover and the main body are fixed with stainless steel screws to facilitate disassembly and overhaul.

6. Long-lasting

Separating structure between power and squeezing, chain drive in the middle, unlimited working time, and can continuous working, long-lasting.


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