Screw Conveyor Machine

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Main features of Screw Conveyor 1. Large carrying capacity and reliable. 2. Good adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, and long life. 3. The whole machine has small size, high speed and uniform transportation. 4. The discharging end is equipped with a cleaning device. The whole machine has low noise, good adaptability, and the position of…


Screw Conveyor Machine

Motor: 1.1kw

Capacity: 500kg/h



Round tube diameter:140mm

This screw conveyor machine is used to transport materials horizontally, inclined or over short distances, and can regularly control and continuously transport powdery and small lump materials, such as grain, cereals, rapeseed, etc. It is suitable for transporting materials by grain buyers, oil pressing plants, etc. It has large thrust and fast speed. , it also has a mixing function while conveying, and can feed and discharge materials at multiple points. The main components are welded and formed by thickened seamless steel pipes and cold-rolled spiral blades. The frame uses thickened angle iron as a support frame, which can be easily moved.

Ⅰ. Application Scope of Screw Conveyor Machine

This screw conveyor is suitable for transporting bulk materials in chemical and metallurgical industrial enterprises, papermaking, construction engineering and other industries, such as cement, coal powder, carbon black, soda ash flour, grains, grains and pulp, etc.

Since the machine can be moved at will and can be continuously transported at any horizontal, inclined or vertical position, it is especially suitable for field mobile operations, such as concrete mixing stations and bulk materials.

Ⅱ. Structural Features of Screw Conveyor Machine

1. The gear reduction motor device is connected to the housing tube and the spiral assembly in sequence, and is combined into a complete set of equipment, which is very convenient to move, disassemble and assemble.

2. The spiral assembly and the shaft end are connected by splines, which is easy to assemble and disassemble and has large load-bearing capacity.

3. The sealing performance is good. The outer shell is made of seamless steel pipes, and each end is specially connected, so that no material is wasted and it meets the requirements.

4. Small size, high speed and variable pitch ensure fast and even transportation.

5. The feed port can be tilted at the required angle according to the working site conditions, and can adopt flange connection, bag connection and universal joint flange connection. Users can choose according to needs.



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