Palm Kernel Dryer Machine

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1. Capacity: 300KG/H 2. Power: 2.2KW/380V 3. Weight: 600KG 4. Size: 3800*1000*1450(mm) 5. Function: The primary function of the Palm Kernel Dryer Machine is to reduce the moisture content of palm kernels to the desired level, typically between 7% and 8%, for storage and further processing. By effectively removing excess moisture, the machine ensures the…


Ⅰ. Product Introduction

The Palm Kernel Dryer Machine is an essential equipment in the complete palm kernel oil production line, designed to efficiently reduce the moisture content of palm kernels to the desired level for further processing. This innovative machine plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and shelf-life of palm kernel products, optimizing production efficiency, and maximizing profitability for palm kernel oil producers.

Ⅱ. Working Principle

The Palm Kernel Dryer Machine operates on the principle of indirect heating, utilizing hot air circulation to remove moisture from palm kernels. The machine consists of a drying chamber equipped with a heat source, such as a burner or electric heater, and a fan system that circulates hot air throughout the chamber. Palm kernels are evenly spread on trays or conveyor belts inside the drying chamber, where they are exposed to the hot air. As the hot air passes over the kernels, it absorbs moisture from the surface, gradually drying them to the desired moisture content. The moisture-laden air is then vented out of the chamber, while the dried palm kernels are discharged for further processing.

Ⅲ. Features About Our Product

1. Advanced drying technology

The Palm Kernel Dryer Machine utilizes advanced drying technology, including indirect heating and uniform air circulation, to achieve efficient and uniform drying of palm kernels.

2. Adjustable temperature and humidity control

The machine is equipped with temperature and humidity control systems that allow operators to adjust drying parameters according to specific requirements and ambient conditions, ensuring optimal drying performance.

3. High drying efficiency

With its powerful heat source and efficient air circulation system, the dryer machine delivers high drying efficiency, reducing the moisture content of palm kernels quickly and effectively.

4. Energy-efficient operation

The machine is designed for energy-efficient operation, minimizing energy consumption and operating costs while maximizing production output and profitability.

5. User-friendly design

Featuring intuitive controls and accessible components, the dryer machine is easy to operate and maintain, offering convenience and ease of use for operators.

6. Durable construction

Built with high-quality materials and components, the machine is rugged and durable, capable of withstanding continuous operation in harsh industrial environments.

In conclusion, the Palm Kernel Dryer Machine is a critical component of the palm kernel oil production line, offering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective drying of palm kernels. With its advanced drying technology, adjustable controls, high efficiency, and user-friendly design, this machine is indispensable for palm kernel oil producers seeking to optimize their production processes and achieve superior product quality.


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