Palm Kernel Crusher Machine

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1. Model: TK-200 Palm Kernel Crusher Machine 2. Capacity:  150-200kg/h 3. Power:  7.5KW/380V 4. Size:  1200*600*1000(mm) 5. Weight:  150kg 6. Shelling Rate:  97%


Ⅰ. Product Introduction

The Palm Kernel Crusher Machine plays a crucial role in the palm kernel oil production process, particularly in the extraction of palm kernel oil from palm nuts. This machine efficiently breaks down palm kernels into smaller particles, facilitating the extraction of oil from the kernels.

Ⅱ. Working Principle

The Palm Kernel Crusher Machine operates by subjecting palm kernels to high-pressure crushing between two rotating rollers or cylinders. As the kernels pass through the machine, they are crushed into smaller fragments, allowing for the efficient extraction of oil.

Ⅲ. Features About Our Product

Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the Palm Kernel Crusher is durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-term reliability.

High Efficiency: This machine is designed for maximum efficiency, capable of processing large quantities of palm kernels in a short time frame.

Adjustable Crushing Parameters: Operators can adjust the settings of the machine to achieve the desired particle size for efficient oil extraction.

Easy Maintenance: The Palm Kernel Crusher Machine is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components that can be cleaned and serviced with minimal effort.

Ⅳ. Function

The primary function of the Palm Kernel Crusher is to crush palm kernels into smaller particles to facilitate the extraction of palm kernel oil. By breaking down the kernels, the machine ensures maximum oil yield during the extraction process, contributing to the overall efficiency and productivity of the palm kernel oil production line.

Ⅴ. Palm Kernel Oil Content

The oil content of palm kernel (without shell) is about 50%, and the oil residue rate is 5-6%, so about 44% of oil can be obtained. Palm kernel oil is a healthy vegetable oil. Similar to coconut oil, it is high in saturated fat and is more saturated than palm oil. And contains no cholesterol or trans fatty acids. Due to its low content, it is commonly used in commercial cooking. Costs less than other oils and remains stable at high cooking temperatures.


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