Palm Fruit Digester Machine

1. Model: gz-1 2. Capacity:1t/h 3.Power:3Kw/380V 4. Weight: 1200kg 5. Function: The palm fruit digester machine plays a crucial role in the palm oil extraction process. It effectively breaks down the palm fruit into a pulp, facilitating the release of oil during pressing. By softening the fruit and breaking down its cell structure, the digester…


Ⅰ. Product Introduction

In the palm oil extraction process, the palm fruit digester machine plays a crucial role in breaking down the fruit to facilitate oil extraction. This essential piece of equipment is integral to the palm oil line, particularly in regions like Indonesia where palm oil production is significant. The palm fruit digester machine efficiently prepares the fruit for extraction, ensuring optimal oil yield and quality.

Ⅱ. Working Principle

The working principle of the palm fruit digester machine revolves around the application of heat and mechanical force to break down the palm fruit. The machine features a large cylindrical vessel where the fruit is loaded. Steam is then injected into the vessel, heating the fruit and softening its pulp. As the fruit is heated, the mechanical stirrer or auger within the digester rotates, exerting pressure and crushing the fruit. This combination of heat and mechanical force effectively breaks down the palm fruit, releasing the oil-rich mesocarp for extraction.

Ⅲ. Features About Our Product

1. Robust Construction: The palm fruit digester machine is built with sturdy materials to withstand the harsh conditions of palm oil processing.

2. Efficient Heating: Equipped with steam injection systems, the digester ensures uniform heating of the palm fruit, promoting efficient oil extraction.

3. Powerful Stirring Mechanism: The mechanical stirrer or auger inside the digester ensures thorough mixing and crushing of the fruit, maximizing oil yield.

4. Temperature Control: The digester is designed with temperature control mechanisms to maintain optimal conditions for fruit digestion, preventing overheating or undercooking.

5. Easy Maintenance: The machine is engineered for easy maintenance, with accessible components and minimal downtime.

6. High Oil Extraction Efficiency: By effectively breaking down the palm fruit, the digester enhances oil extraction efficiency, contributing to higher productivity and profitability for palm oil mills.


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