Oil Filling Machine

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Main features of oil filling machine. 1. The filling volume is adjustable. The filling range is from 200ml to 5000ml. This machine also supports large-capacity filling, with a maximum filling capacity of 50kg. The machine is assembled using quick connectors, making it easy to disassemble, assemble, maintain, and clean. 2. The feeding of this oil…



  • Model:  TPP-ZL2A
  • Filling Capacity:  200-1000ml/ 1000-5000ml
  • Filling Speed:     200-400 bottle/hour
  • Voltage:  220V/380V
  • Size:  700*650*1650(mm)
  • Weight:  55kg

Ⅰ. The Introduction of Oil Filling Machine.

1. The semi-automatic oil filling machine is mainly used for liquid quantitative filling of various oils, such as cooking oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, motor oil, antifreeze, etc. It is measured packing.

2. The semi-automatic oil filling machine is quantitative cup structure, driven by the oil-cylinder piston’s repeated movement which driven by air-cylinder, quantitative filling the oil into bottles, high accuracy, speed filling, double speed filling, slow down after fast, more accurately .

3. The oil filling machine has the overall structure simple, small footprint, easy operation advantages.

Ⅱ. The Details of Oil Filling Machine.

1. The principle of injection filling is adopted. Use a delicate liquid tank.

With the digital transmission module, touch screen input operation, with convenient operation, high production efficiency characteristics.

2. Using electromagnetic induction quantitative mode, after completing the adjustment and fixing the electromagnetic induction switch, the filling accuracy is high and the operation is stable.

The appearance of humanized design, beautiful and generous, the body is all made of stainless steel. Electrical components are well-known brands, reliable performance, stable and durable.

3. This oil filling machine has electrical automatic control, easy and simple to operate.

High degree of automation, measurement adjustment are realized in the touch screen, intelligent to make the operation of the machine more reliable, convenient, man-machine interface more friendly.

4. In-line arrangement, not limited by the height and width of the bottle, suitable for a wide range of bottles, the opposite sex bottle can be customized individually.

5. 1-5L oil free filling free adjustment.Suitable for all kinds of viscous liquid filling, wide range of uses, strong adaptability.

It is an ideal configuration equipment for small and medium-sized oil, wine, refinement, condiments and other manufacturers.


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