Oil Cooler Machine

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1. The oil cooler machine capacity is 200kg/h, power is 0.75kw, voltage is 380V. 2. The main components are all made of high-quality products to ensure that the device works safely, reliably and quickly. 3. The oil storage barrel adopts 304 stainless steel plate heat exchanger, which has high heat exchange rate/small size/good corrosion resistance.…


Oil Cooler Machine

Model:  50
Power:  0.75KW
Single processing capacity:  50KG
Processing capacity:  200KG/H
Size:  580*580*1200(mm)
Weight:  50KG

Ⅰ. Products Introduction

The new stainless steel cooling oil machine is suitable for oil pressing shops to quickly cool down the crude oil after filtration in summer and fill it in time. Cooling oil machine, also known as oil cooling machine, is a new type of air-cooling cycle high-temperature cooling with fast cooling speed. It can filter rapeseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, etc., and is widely used in medium and small oil mills.

Ⅱ. Raw Materials

This product is generally used in the pre-filling processing section of oil plants, small oil pressing mills and other sections that require rapid cooling of liquid rest. It mainly has the advantages and characteristics of simplicity, convenience, low cost, no pollution and no emissions.

Ⅲ. Working Principle

The oil cooling machine uses the physical rapid cooling principle and air cooling technology to quickly absorb the temperature of high-temperature edible oil by the rapidly circulating ice water in the cooling barrel to achieve the purpose of cooling. This facilitates the subsequent cooking oil filling stage.

Ⅳ.  Precautions for Oil Cooler Machine

1. Please fill the circulating pump with clean oil.

2. New water circulation cooling system, high degree of automation and very easy to operate.

3. Please strictly follow the product wiring markings for wiring. The working power supply voltage is 220v.

4. When cooling the oil, open the cold oil switch and faucet, and close the oil drain valve.

5. At the end of each oil pressing season, please rinse the machine with boiling water.


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