Gas Roaster Machine

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1. The gas roaster machine capacity is 150kg/h, power is 1.1kw. And this machine can both use gas and fire. 2. Configuration gas pressure reducing valve, automatically adapts to different sources of fuel gas pressure, guarantee stable fire. 3. Copper core gas furnace, life up to more than 3-5 years. 4. All stainless steel easy…


Gas Roaster Machine

Model: BT-90

Capacity: 150kg/h

Power:  1.1KW

Dimensions(mm):  1500*850*1200

Weight:  200kg

Ⅰ. Products Introduction

The gas roaster machine suitable for roasting all kinds of dried fruits and nuts, such as chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, pine seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, rapeseed, coffee beans, dates, sesame seeds, walnuts, all kinds of beans, wheat, rice, etc. Electric, coal, firewood and gas heating type optional, gas heating type, equipped with energy-saving burner, can adjust the firepower.
Our wok is electric heating or burning natural gas heating, very convenient, fast heating. If you want to fry peanuts, buy one of our wok is the best choice, the peanut seeds will be evenly heated in the wok.

Ⅱ. Application

Corn kernels, wheat, peanuts, melon seeds, and soybeans can all be heated and roasted in the roaster machine.

Ⅲ. Structure And Working Principle

The key to the roasting machine is through: sound card frame, silo, fire cover and other components, working raw materials from the feeding port into the roasting machine, into the barrel after the boiling material with the rotation of the drum, 360 degrees rotation, boiling material is not easy to paste, char. Just flip the frying pan when cooking the material, it can be fully automatic feeding, which is simple, convenient, clean and hygienic.



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