Electric cooker

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1. Capacity: 200kg/h, heating power: 30Kw, voltage: 380V. This type of electric cooker of compact size, has less footprint. 2. The roasting machine adopts a unique horizontal drum structure, which has uniform heating, good airtightness, and a particularly good roasting effect. 3. The roasting machine heated by air is equipped with an energy-saving stove, which…


Electric Cooker Machine

Model: BT-200

Capacity: 200kg/h

Heating Power: 30Kw

Power: 1.1Kw

Drum size: 800*960(mm)

Weight: 350kg

Machine Size: 2030*1100*1200(mm)

Ⅰ. Electric Roaster Machine Introduction

1. The description of electric roaster.

The High-efficiency environmental friendly electric seeds roaster was developed by our company according to market demand. Compared with the ordinary seeds roaster with coal and gas as fuel, the product is cleaner, more efficient and more environmentally friendly at work. Because of its convenient movement, small land covering and many other advantages, it has been praised by users since its launch, and has gradually become the mainstream product in the market. Our roaster is suitable widely for processing all kinds of oil crops, such as rapeseed, cotton seed, soybean, peanut, sesame, sunflower seed, and other oil materials.

2. The working principle of  electric roaster machine.

The roasting machine mainly has motors, gears, and pulleys to drive the drum to rotate. The outer body is mainly built with a bracket. After installing the drum and the transmission mechanism, the appearance can be installed. Using the flame of solid fuel(coal,charred or firewood both are ok)directly heating the fryer, so it can transfer the heat energy to oil plants. The oil plants go round and round in the fryer; it will increase its temperature and plasticity, evaporation of water, decrease in viscosity and discover, it is better for squeezing.

Ⅱ. Electric Cooker Machine Advantages

1. High efficiency and energy saving:  Because the electric wok uses electromagnetic heating to convert electrical energy into thermal energy, all the heat is concentrated in the pot and the heat is not easily lost. The thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, which greatly saves energy.

2. Safe and reliable:  The heating elements of the electric wok are sealed in the bottom of the pot, which is isolated from the outside air and is not easily oxidized, and water vapor is not easy to enter, making it safe and reliable to use.

3. Accurate temperature control:  The electromagnetic heating wok adopts a dual temperature measurement system. The induction temperature is combined with the actual temperature of the material in the pot, making the temperature control more accurate.

4. Low noise:  Because the electromagnetic heating wok adopts a silent reducer, there is no noise when frying materials, which can improve the production environment.

5. Wide range of applications:  It suitable for various oil materials, including sesame, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc. Various oil crops can be fried first and then pressed, which can increase the oil yield of the raw materials.


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