6YL-100 Oil Press Machine With Diesel Engine

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1. Capacity: 200-300kg/h. This 6YL-100 oil press machine with diesel engine is suitable for small scale oil mill. 2. Horse Power: 15hp. It can customized according to the customer needs. 3. Voltage: 380V. It support single phase and three phase. 4. It can extract most oil crops such as soybeans, peanuts, tea seeds, sesame, sunflower,…



  • Model:                 6YL-100
  • Capacity:           5-7t/d
  • Shaft Speed:       30-40(r/min)
  • Diesel Engine:   15hp
  • Voltage:               380v
  • Dimensions:       2100*610*770(mm)
  • Weight:                580kg
  • Residue:               <6.5%

1. The 6YL-100 Oil Press Machine With Diesel Engine Introduction

① Screw Oil Press Machine Description

The screw oil press is an oil press that makes full use of the screw driving force to extract oil from the oil to increase the oil output. The structure is simple and the functions are user-friendly. It is suitable for cold pressing and hot pressing. The 6YL series screw oil press produced by BTMA has a solid oil pressing structure and an automatic heating system, with the highest oil output. Different from the traditional small screw oil press, the 6YL series screw oil press adds an automatic heater to increase the oil yield through hot extrusion. This 6YL-100 oil press is ideal for vegetable oil production from small oil press workshops to large oil press plants.

② Screw Oil Press Machine Working Principle

When the oil press is running, the processed material embryo enters the squeezing chamber from the hopper. The helix of the squeezed screw is pushed in and squeezed. The material embryo is carried out in the pressing chamber of the oil press. Under the condition of high pressure, there is a great friction resistance between the material embryo and the squeezing and squeezing chamber. The heat caused by the heat caused the thermal denaturation of the protein in the embryo, destroyed the colloid, increased the plasticity, and also reduced the viscosity of the oil and thus precipitated oil easily. The oil production rate of the oil press is improved.

6YL-100 oil press machine with diesel engine capacity is 150-200kg/h, horse power is 15hp, voltage is 380V. It can both use single phrase and three phrase. The horse power and voltage can customized according to the customer needs.

2. The 6YL-100 Oil Press Machine With Diesel Engine Advantages

① Quality Guaranteed

Every part of the oil press machine, from the smallest parts to the whole machine, is completely designed and manufactured by our own factory, so the quality and technical advantages of our oil press machine are not comparable to those produced or assembled by some small factories.

② Long-term Performance

Because the pressing ring and squeezer will wear out due to the extrusion and frictions. In order to increase the wear resistance coefficient, we updated the heat treatment equipment, improved the heat treatment temperature and the depth of carburizing to extend the service life of parts, further to reduce operational cost of users.

③ Simple Structure

This machine structure is simple, so 1-2 people can operate it. And it has a spiral unloading device and an automatic temperature control system. So it is also very friendly to novice operators.

④ Application Range

The 6YL-100 oil press can both cold pressing and hot pressing, and it is suitable for extracting most oil crops such as soybeans, peanuts, tea seeds, sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, flax seed, etc. .

⑤High Efficiency And Energy Saving

The average power consumption does not exceed 1 kilowatt hour per hour, and the machine can automatically squeeze. After setting the program, the operator can leave the machine, which consumes less power and lowers the cost of use.

⑥Low Maintenance Cost

The main components are made of high-quality steel, equipped with precision lathes and modern high-tech. The whole machine has good performance, little wear, few wearing parts, and easy maintenance.


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