6YZ-320 Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

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1. Capacity:  17kg/batch. The 6YZ-320 hydraulic oil press can process 17kg raw material per time, it take 12 minters per time, so this machine capacity is about 85kg/h 2. Power:  The hydraulic oil press have heating system, so the heater power is 1.2kw, the motor power is 2.2kw. 3. Voltage:  380V. this 6YZ-320 hydraulic oil…



  • Model:  6YZ-320
  • Capacity:  17kg/batch
  • Each Time Press:  12min
  • Barrel Diameter:  320mm
  • Motor Power:  2.2Kw
  • Heater Power:  1.2Kw
  • Outer Dimension:  1120*1200*1650(mm)
  • Weight:  2000Kg

Ⅰ. The Introduction of 6YZ-320 Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

1. Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Description

Hydraulic oil press is a device that uses hydraulic pressure to squeeze out oil. It is mainly divided into two parts: hydraulic and press. Through the pressure generated by the hydraulic system, the oil material enters the pressing chamber from the hopper, and then the pressing screw rotates to continuously push the material embryo inward for pressing.

2. Working Principle of Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

When the oil press is running, under the high pressure condition of the pressing chamber, a large frictional resistance is generated between the embryo and the pressing snail, the embryo and the pressing chamber, which causes friction between the particles of the embryo and causes relative motion. The heat generated by friction meets the necessary heat for the operation of the oil extraction process, which helps to promote thermal denaturation of the protein in the embryo, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, and also reduces the viscosity of some parts that are easy to precipitate oil, so The oil yield rate of the oil press is improved, so that the oil in the material is squeezed out and flows out from the gaps in the garden rows and strips.

Ⅱ. 6YZ-320 Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Advantages

1. High pressure and high power output

Hydraulic oil presses are capable of delivering high pressure, making them suitable for handling high-strength materials and performing large-scale processing tasks. It can produce high power output and improve production efficiency.

2. Precise control and strong stability

The hydraulic system enables precise pressure and speed control, ensuring stability and accuracy during processing. This precise control also ensures product quality and consistency.

3. Suitable for a variety of raw materials

The hydraulic oil press can process almost all oil crops, such as peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed, sesame, avocado, mustard seeds, tea seed, camellia seeds, almonds, etc.

4. Easy to operate

The operation of the hydraulic oil press is relatively simple, and the pressure and speed can be adjusted simply by controlling the valve and operating buttons. Operators can easily grasp and operate it.

5. Low energy consumption

Compared with other traditional mechanical pressure equipment, the energy consumption of hydraulic oil press is relatively low. It realizes force transmission through hydraulic transmission, reducing energy loss.

6. Automatic pressing

The hydraulic oil press can press automatically after setting the program, and the operator can leave the machine, reducing manual operations and improving efficiency.

7. Maintain the nutritional content of oils

The hydraulic oil press machine uses low-temperature physical pressing, which generates less heat during the oil pressing process, so more nutrients in the oil are retained.

8. Versatility

Hydraulic oil presses can not only be used for oil extraction, but can also be used in fruit and vegetable enterprises for juice extraction, dehydration and deoiling of chemical raw materials, and animal fat pressing for oil extraction.

9. Easy to maintain

The hydraulic oil press suffers less wear during use, and the machine has fewer wearing parts, so the maintenance cost of the hydraulic oil press is very low.


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