6YL-95 Combined Oil Press Machine

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1. Capacity: 150-200kg/h. This 6YL-95A combined oil press machine is suitable for medium-small scale oil mill. 2. Power: 7.5kw. It can customized according to the customer needs. 3. Voltage: 380V. It supports three phase. 4. It can extract most oil crops such as soybeans, peanuts, tea seeds, sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, flax seed, etc. .…


6YL-95 Combined Oil Press Machine

  • Model:                 6YL-95A
  • Capacity:         3-5t/d
  • Shaft Speed:       38-45(r/min)
  • Motor:            7.5kw
  • Voltage:             380v
  • Dimensions:      1860*1660*1680(mm)
  • Weight:             650kg
  • Residue:               <6.5%

Ⅰ. The 6YL-95 Combined Oil Press Machine Introduction

① Description of Combined Oil Press Machine

The fully automatic combination oil press is a new type of oil press with an intelligent integrated control panel, automatic temperature control system, automatic heating system, and filtration system. Users can grasp various data in real time, with complete controls, simple adjustment operations, and user-friendly functions. It is suitable for cold pressing and hot pressing, with low residual oil rate and high oil output. This automatic oil press is ideal for vegetable oil production from small oil press workshops to large oil press plants.

 Working Principle of Combined Oil Press Machine

When the oil press is running, the processed material embryos enter the pressing chamber from the hopper. The helix of the extrusion screw is pushed in and squeezed. The embryo is processed in the pressing chamber of the oil press. Under high-pressure conditions, there is great friction resistance between the blank and the extrusion and extrusion chamber. The heat caused by heat denatures the proteins in the embryo, destroys the colloid and increases the plasticity. It also reduces the viscosity of the oil, making it easy for the oil to precipitate. Improves the oil yield of the oil press.

6YL-95A combined oil press machine capacity is 150-200kg/h, power is 7.5Kw, voltage is 380V. It can use and three phrase. The power and voltage can customized according to the customer needs.

Ⅱ. The 6YL-95 Combined Oil Press Machine Advantages

1. Premium Quality Material and Exquisite Workmanship

It is made of high carbon steel that features high hardness, strength, good abrasion after high frequency quenching and heat treatment. So it can easily adapt to continuous operation of high temperature and high pressure. Quality materials also guarantee the service life of automatic oil press machine. It is basically no problem to use it decades.

2. Reasonable Pressing Cage and High Oil Output Rate

It uses multistage advance gradual compression principle, makes the pressing chamber pressure increases rapidly, separates and isolates the material at one time, automatically controls the pressing temperature and moisture to soften oil materials directly to activate oil molecules, ensure stable oil pressing and high oil output.

3. High Efficient Filtering is Quick and Convenient

It is equipped with a variety filtration system device, which has increased the oil filtering pressure. And the completely new oil guide technology for automatic oil filtering. The oil pressing and filtering can be done at the same time to greatly improve the oil filtering speed. The oils is pure. This type of automatic oil press is convenient and practical in use and is the ideal choice for most users.

4. High Efficiency And Energy Saving

Through directional pressure bearing, multi-stage propulsion and one-time pressing, the screw oil press can greatly increase the oil yield. And The average power consumption does not exceed 1 kilowatt hour per hour, and the machine can automatically squeeze. After setting the program, the operator can leave the machine, which consumes less power and lowers the cost of use.

5. Simple Structure And Low Maintenance Cost

This machine structure is simple, so 1-2 people can operate it. And it has a spiral unloading device and an automatic temperature control system. So it is also very friendly to novice operators. The main components are made of high-quality steel, equipped with precision lathes and modern high-tech. The whole machine has good performance, little wear, few wearing parts, and easy maintenance.

6. Application Range And Suitable for All Seasons

The combined oil press can both cold pressing and hot pressing, and it is suitable for extracting most oil crops such as soybeans, peanuts, tea seeds, sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, flax seed, etc. . This oil press is not subject to the restriction of climate due to the heating temperature control system. So it can automatically adjust the oil pressing temperature according to the environment to achieve perfect oil pressing and filtering performance. It is suitable to use in all seasons and climates.


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