6YL-80 Combined Oil Press Machine

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1. 6YL-80 combined oil press machine capacity: 80-150kg/h, power: 5.5kw, voltage: 380V. The power and voltage can customized according to customers’ local asks. 2. High oil discharge efficiency and easy separation of oil residue. The press outlet is slightly higher than the bottom of the oil barrel, which causes the oil to generate a certain…


Combined Oil Press Machine

Model: 6YL-80

Capacity: 80-150KG/H

Power: 5.5KW

Voltage: 380V

Screw Diameter: 80mm

Screw Speed: 63r/min

Weight: 350KG

Size: 1300*950*1400(mm)

Ⅰ. Combine Oil Press Machine Introduction

1. Combined Oil Press Machine Description

The 6YL-80 combined oil press machine is a multi-functional oil pressing equipment, which can be used to press a variety of different oil crops, such as rapeseed, peanut, sesame, soybean and so on. The following is some detailed introduction about the strip combined oil press:

2. Combined Oil Press Machine Composition

The 6YL-80 combined oil press usually consists of a hopper, a press cage, an electric control cabinet, a row, a vacuum oil filter, an oil outlet, an oil tray and other parts. Among them, the main body of the oil press is the core part.

3. Combined Oil Press Machine Working Principle

The working principle of the combined oil press is to use mechanical external force to increase the temperature and activate oil molecules to squeeze the grease out of the oil. Specifically, when the oil press is running, the processed oil enters the pressing chamber from the hopper, and the pressing screw rotates to continuously push the material embryo inward for squeezing. Since the material embryo is in motion in the pressing chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the pressing chamber, a large frictional resistance is generated between the material embryo and the pressing snail, the material embryo and the pressing chamber, so that It can cause friction between the embryo particles and cause relative motion. As a result, the oil in the oil is squeezed out and flows out from the gaps in the rows.

Ⅱ. Combined Oil Press Machine Advantages

1. High oil extraction efficiency:  Compared with other types of oil presses, the strip oil press has higher oil extraction efficiency. This is because the pressing outlet of the oil press is slightly higher than the bottom of the oil barrel, which causes a certain pressure on the oil at the pressing outlet, making it easier to squeeze out the oil in the oil. In addition, the row oil press has a large number of teeth, which also greatly improves the extraction efficiency. It can extract about 10 kilograms of oil per minute.

2. Easy to operate: The operation of the combined oil press is relatively simple, whether it is a first-time user or an experienced veteran, it can be easily used.

3. Suitable for a variety of oil materials:  The combined oil press can be used for a variety of oils, such as sesame, peanuts, and rapeseed, etc., has wider applicability.

4. Improve oil quality:  Since the combined oil press performs well when processing oil with high oil content, it can squeeze out more high-quality oil and better retain the nutrients of the oil, so it helps to improve the oil quality. quality.

5. Low wear:  The combined oil press has low wear. Compared with the screwoil press, its loss is smaller, so its service life is longer.

Ⅲ. Combined Oil Press Machine Instructions

When using the combined oil press, the oil crops need to be pre-processed first, such as cleaning, drying, etc. Then add the processed oil crops into the hopper and enter the main body of the oil press through the propeller. In the main body of the oil press, the oil crops are pressed through the pressing bars and pressing rings, and the oil is extracted, filtered through the filter screen, and then flows out from the oil outlet.


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