500kg/h Palm Fruit Oil Line

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1. Capacity: 500KG/H(Plam fruit bunch) 2. Power: 15Kw/380V 50Hz 3 Phase Electric 3. Heating type: Boiling Method(water heating)/Steam Method(steami heating) 4. Oil Extraction Efficiency (Oil Recovered / Total Oil Content of FFB): 95% 5. Applicable Quality Standards: ① Free Fatty Acid (assuming FFB input of requisite quality): <5%,  ② Moisture: <0.25%,  ③Dirt: <0.05% 6. Expected…


Ⅰ. Products Description

The complete palm oil production line process includes: sterilizer station, stripping station, digester, pressing station, oil separate station, clarification station, filter station, nuts and fiber separation. We offer the 500kg/h palm fruit oil production line, 1t/h palm oil line, 2t/h palm oil line, 3t/h palm oil line, 4t/h palm oil line, 5t/h palm oil line.

Ⅱ. Raw material

Taking fresh palm fruit bunches as a unit, the total amount of palm fruit bunches is 100%, the proportion of empty fruit bunches is 23%, palm fruits are 67%, and the water content of fruit bunches is 10%. Taking the entire palm fruit bunch as a unit, its palm fruit oil content accounts for 26% and palm kernel oil content is 3.25%.

Ⅲ. Product Parameters

Container needed
Deliver time
1X40GP 1X20GP
2X40GP 1X20GP

Ⅳ. 500KG/H Palm Fruit Oil Line Process and Machines

1. Sterilizing section — Palm Fruits Cooking Machine

To sterilize fruit and loosen fruit from bunches. Each pair of Cookers has two top-loading compartments to hold Cooker. Baskets of fruit bunches for steaming, after 90 minutes steaming. Furnace below burns fiber and nut shell by-product as fuel, to boil water in base of Cooker and generate steam at atmospheric pressure.

2. Stripping station — Palm Fruit Threshing Machine

To separate fruit from bunches. Stripper, with motor driven rotating drum, is hopper fed manually from Stripper platform and pitched to discharge empty bunches from the end, with loose fruit falling to the bottom onto an integrated chain driven horizontal conveyor to discharge to Digester hopper below.

3. Digested machine — Palm Fruit Crusher Machine

It is used to release the palm oil in the fruit by breaking down the oil-bearing cells. The palm oil digester design includes a heated cylindrical container equipped with a central rotating rod carrying some stirring or beating arms. These rods pound the palm fruit at high temperature to reduce the thickness of the palm oil and to remove the excerpt, which is the hard outer covering of the palm fruit. The palm fruit digester machine fills from the thresher, and it is important to match the capacity of the harvester to the palm oil digester machine. It takes about 15 minutes for the palm oil digester machine to process a single batch from the thresher.

4. Press station — Palm Fruit Oil Press Machine

Screw palm fruit oil press machine, with motor driven screw inside a perforated cage with an open ended cone at the end, is hopper fed by gravity with digested fruit from Digester exit chute, and forces nuts and fiber to discharge through cone, and extracts crude oil through cage perforations discharging to integrated crude oil tank.

5. Separe station

This stage will remove lots of the impurities

6. Clarification section

The crude oil first diluted with water washing, through settlement and filtration, the fiber material removed from the oil, and then carries out continuous settlement, the whole divided into two parts: oil and sediment. Oil is filtered and through the pump pumped into the storage tank for storing; oil sediment is filtered and dirt oil separation, oil processed is for the second settlement, dirt oil mixture process clarification separation, Skim oil then carry out a second settlement, sewage pumps to sewage treatment pond for dealing with.



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